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Cara is a passion project made by a small group of volunteers, and it's important that you read our stance on AI before signing up to our beta:

  • Cara does not agree with generative art tools in their current unethical form, and will not host AI-generated portfolios at this time.
  • We aim to prioritize the human element and our artists first, that includes never making false promises such as saying we will never host AI art — because if one day, when such tools are ethical and major studios require artists to use them at work — we will not abandon or ban the very artists we built this platform for.
  • We will evolve with laws and technology, and always place the needs of our community's artists first. We sympathize with all those who are frustrated that Cara is not the perfect solution for everyone, and urge you to seek out other resources, websites and platforms if we cannot provide what you are looking for.

We are in earliest stages of beta, so there will be bugs and incomplete features, please contact us on Discord if you run into any issues or have feedback!

For more information, please read our about and FAQs in detail before signing up. Thank you!  and 

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